C. GREEN ORGANIC FUTURE FOODS PVT LTD is an idea crafted to PRESERVE & REVIVE the traditional food habits of people and to improve the health of PEOPLE and the SOIL. With the moto of “Future Foods from the past” We strive to BRING BACK the GOODNESS of TRADITIONAL FOODS.

‘C.Green’ is ‘Consume Green’. It’s about rediscovering real food, real cooking & real farming. Using grandma’s recipes from across geographies & the traditional methods of cooking, we bring such cuisines on the urban table. We specially create products with the forgotten grains & millets.

C. Green believes in simplicity, to experience the pleasure of eating simple & traditional. C.Green offers healthy & tasty preparations based on value added traditional recipe. Our products give long term benefits of health & wellbeing.
All C. Green products are made using nature’s best ingredients grown organically, without using any preservatives, colour or artificial substance. We source our raw material from select small holding farms and farmers from across the country who are working to protect the soil through sustainable farming.

Why CGreen Organic Future Foods

Nani-dadi wisdom – Vedic wisdom and Ayurvedic knowledge – Ancient grains and traditional recipes – Natural and organic farm produce – No preservatives colour or artificial substance. At C Green Future Foods, all of these come together to create a bouquet of healthy snacks full of texture, amazing flavour and best nutrition. “For us the health of people and the soil is of utmost importance,” says team C Green. “We believe that bringing tradition and science together results in food that is healthy and tasty.”

Each C Green recipe is permeated with a consciousness of food, respect for eating it the right way, as per the harvest of the season, at a particular time of the year. One on hand, this consciousness comes from the source of the ingredients, the farms themselves. “We work closely with small holding farmers who follow the traditional, natural & organic methods of farming.” On the other hand, it is inspired by the “ancient wisdom of cooking and regional food habits” that C Green wishes to preserve.

“Our recipes are based on traditional grains & millets like ragi (finger millet), chana, whole wheat flour, brown rice, amaranth, jowar (sorghum), makhana (foxnut) etc. We do not use refined flour (maida) in our cookies and savouries. All our sweets, such as the laddoos, are made with natural sweetening ingredients as dates, jaggery, shakkar or desi khand. We use no refined white sugar at all. Respecting the ancient Vedic wisdom & knowledge of Ayurveda, we use cow ghee and butter in our preparations, for its medicinal and curative health benefits for our body mind & soul. We also use nuts and oilseeds as per season, which are an excellent source of good fat and Omega 3 fatty acids.”

At C.Green Future Foods we make the food with passion, love & joy and share it with pleasure, so much so that the team tells us, even “ Talking about the benefits of traditional grains & millets gives us immense happiness in creating & sharing such foods ” !

Mrs Himanshu Kapoor the Nutritionist Founder and Wg Cdr Akhil Kapoor, a Fighter Flier & Co-Founder of C.Green continue to explore the Future Foods from the Past !