Laddoo’ is a popular Indian traditional sweet. A mix of various grains, millet, seeds, nuts and jaggery or sugar syrup, is shaped into a ball. Interestingly various ingredients of this sweet change with regions and seasons. Eaten widely on festivals as a sweet or simply as a food supplement for lactating mothers or an instant healthy snack with nutritional benefits across ages.

Amaranth & Brown Rice Namkeen

Keeping up with our mission to revive and preserve the traditional recipe, we offer you a classic yet improvised Namkeen – the humble ‘Bhadang’ from Maharashtra. It is delicately flavoured with garlic and curry leaves and is beautifully balanced to have both the sweet and salty tang. We have improvised the traditional recipe and value added it using Popped Amaranth ‘Ramdana’ and Puffed Brown Rice with some Peanuts.

Seasonings & Dry Chutneys

“Chutney – is based on an Indian word “Chatni” meaning freshly ground relish – It consists of Coconut, Sesame, Groundnuts, Flax-seed, Mint Leaves etc. These food accompaniments serve as flavor enhancers and add nutrition to our Food. Seasonings and Chutneys are excellent as a digestive and micro-nutrient food fortifier and is hence recommended in regular small dosage.”

Cereal & Mixes – Muesli

A cereal made with Popped Amaranthus & Puffed Brown rice or Oats with Almond slivers, Flax Seeds & Raisins. We recommend this as an all-day cereal, which is rich in Calcium, Fibre & Omega-3 & low on sweetness and therefore soft on digestion & high on health.

Teas & Beverages

“Teas ”

Value Added Products

“Honey Turmeric Black-Rice ”