C.Green is a story of love and food. Love for the food, which is honest and caring. This beautiful story started with our daughter growing up. As a caring mother, I wanted to feed my daughter the most pure, honest, delicious and of course healthy food. Thus was born an idea called Consume Green or C.Green, which is crafted to bring back and revive the ancient wisdom of our rich food heritage.

At C.Green we cook with traditional methods using grandmothers recipes. These recipes are improvised to suit today’s urban pallete with nutritional value addition. The traditional food involves farming & growing with our rich culinary wisdom inter woven into our cultural diversity. C.Green works with small holding farmers, who are using traditional and bio-dynamic farming methods to create and promote honest & purest ready to eat products. We use the grains and oil seeds harvested in traditional way, for example the flour we use is ground in water-mills as panchakki.

Then sun drying, sieving, hand pounding are some of the methods we are using to retain the nutrients in the food. Solar cooking is also used extensively for roasting etc. as the food is hand crafted so it will sometimes differ in shapes and size.

We believe that the food is best when it is local and seasonal. So some of our products like sesame laddoos, chutney powders etc are based on season, which are made only for three months of the year. We strongly believe and suggest going back to our ancient wisdom or eating the way nature intended us to eat. We recommend Millets, as the Indian wonder grain to be popularised across geographies. Towards this C.Green conducts cooking demonstrations using Millets based on globalised cuisine and concepts using the local ingredients.

My daughter has now grown to be a beautiful woman, married some time back, however my passion & love with honest food still continues. I continue to create and discover ready to eat foods as a caring mother in my own kitchen. C.Green Food continues to create artisanal food with love, passion and honesty.